Chemical Industry

Gwarant would like to invite you to take advantage of our transport services, which are tailored to the unique needs and strict requirements of the chemical industry. We believe that the chemical industry’s products require special attention and care, which is why Gwarant is a partner committed to the safe and professional transport of chemicals, raw materials and finished products.

Our services include:

of Chemicals

We specialise in the transportation of a variety of chemicals, including liquids, powders and hazardous materials. We use advanced technology and specialised packaging to ensure maximum safety during transport.

Transport Chemical Raw Materials

We offer an efficient delivery of chemical raw materials to production facilities. Our logistics services are comprehensive and tailored to the needs of the chemical industry to optimise the supply chain.

Transport Finished Chemical Products

We provide delivery of finished chemical products to shops, warehouses or directly to end customers. We follow strict procedures and safety standards, ensuring the integrity of the products.

Specialised Transport

Our experience includes the transport of hazardous materials and goods regulated by ADR (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route). Our qualified drivers are trained to the highest safety standards.

Security Management

We support you in monitoring deliveries and planning emergency responses by providing comprehensive transport care.


Why should you choose Gwarant?

Thanks to our many years of experience in the area of the chemical industry, we have an excellent understanding of its characteristics and needs.

Our fleet is equipped with the latest technology and meets the highest safety standards.

Timely and reliable delivery is our priority.

Our services are flexible and tailored to the individual needs of our customers while maintaining competitive prices.

Gwarant is a committed partner in providing safe and efficient transport services to the chemical industry. Our services are tailored to the strict standards and needs of our customers, ensuring not only safety but also a personalised approach to the transport of chemical materials.


Equipment and technologies


We provide real-time monitoring of deliveries, allowing real-time control of routes and statuses of delivery.


Our fleet is equipped with tracking systems.


Our trailers are equipped with additional multi-lock handles, safety straps and other tools that make it easier to secure goods.


We use modern technologies, such as GPS and fleet management systems to optimise routes and timeliness of delivery.

Our fleet and equipment are continually updated and kept in excellent condition to meet the highest transport standards. We are ready to provide professional transport services, satisfying all of our customers’ needs.