The freight service from Gwarant is a comprehensive logistics solution that the company offers in order to effectively manage the transport and carriage of customers’ goods Freight is a key part of Gwarant’s business, and its aim is to ensure that customers’ goods are delivered on time, safely and in accordance with their specific requirements. Here are the main aspects of the freight service provided by Gwarant:

Planning and Coordination

Gwarant plans and coordinates the entire transport process, from the collection of the goods from the customer to their transportation and delivery to the destination. Gwarant provides route optimisation, selection of suitable vehicles and adaptation of the delivery schedule to meet customer requirements.

Monitoring and Tracking

The freight service includes real-time monitoring and tracking of shipments using advanced telematics and GPS systems.

Documentation Support

Gwarant takes care of all document management related to transport, including invoices, waybills and any other necessary documents. Gwarant ensures compliance with regulations, customs and tax formalities.

Safety and Quality

Gwarant ensures the safe transport of goods, applying strict safety measures, both on the road and during transhipment. The company is committed to quality service and delivers goods intact.

Adaptation to the industry

The company adapts the freight service to the customer's specific industry, taking into account the particular requirements and regulations of the industry, e.g. chemical, automotive, food industry, etc.

Flexibility and adaptation

The service is flexible and adapts to the changing needs of the customer and the seasonality of their business. The company is able to respond quickly to sudden delivery changes.

Customer service

The company provides support and customer service at every stage of the transport process. The company answers questions, provides information on the status of the delivery and responds to any problems.

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