Why work for us?


On your first day of work you will have the opportunity to meet your supervisor and Directors of the company. This is a great opportunity to get to know them better, understand our mission and values, and feel an integral part of our organization. In addition, you will get a chance to get acquainted with your mentor, who will be Your guide in the first steps. The supervisor will help you implement your new responsibilities, explain all procedures and be available to answer all your questions. His job is also to make you feel comfortable and integrate you with our team.


We make sure that you have the best working conditions that support your efficiency and comfort. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we are working on a Creating an even better working environment. We will soon put at your disposal a modern branch, which has been Designed with your safety and convenience in mind. We want you to were able to work in ergonomic conditions, so the new workplace will meet the highest standards.


Once a month, we provide you with the flexibility to start your workday. If You will be faced with an emergency situation, the need to deal with an important matter, or simply you need an extra hour to yourself in the morning - you can safely come to the work an hour later. We believe that this flexibility will positively affect your well-being and work-life balance. We make sure that you have the ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances, at the same time maintaining full productivity and commitment to their duties.


At Gwarant, we know how important personal holidays are to all of us, Especially such a joyous occasion as your birthday. Therefore, it is with pleasure We would like to inform you that on your birthday you can count on an exceptional facilitation. We will provide you with a reduced working time of 2 hours so that you can prepare with peace of mind get to the evening celebration. We want you to be able to spend the day with your loved ones and enjoy your holiday without worrying about spending too much time at work. We believe that personal moments are just as important as professional ones, so we focus on flexibility and understanding on such special days. We hope, That this facility will further enhance your birthday and allow you to fully enjoy this special occasion.


We care not only about your professional effectiveness, but also about your good mental and physical condition. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we have for was the Active Relaxation Zone. If during the day you feel you need a moment to breathe, we invite you to our mini forest. There, in the fresh air, you will have the opportunity to take a break from your daily duties for a while. In addition, delicious coffee will be available so that you can enjoy a moment of relaxation surrounded by nature.


We always appreciate your creativity and commitment to the development of the company. Therefore, from We are pleased to announce a new initiative, the Idea Box, where you can share your innovative ideas. The Idea Box is a place where each of you can "drop in" your suggestions and proposals on various aspects of our business. Your ideas have the potential to have a real impact on the development and improvement of our company. We believe that each employee has a unique perspective on how we can do things better and more efficiently. That's why the Idea Box is supposed to be an open channel to share inspiration that can contribute to our collective success.


We are happy to announce that as a Guarantor company, we offer the opportunity to join Employee Capital Plans, or ECPs. This private long-term savings system is gaining popularity among our employees. PPK is a voluntary program that allows you to accumulate additional funds financials for the future. With it you can plan your finances for long-term perspective, with an eye toward stability and securing their Future. We are pleased that PPK is being recognized by our labor community, because we see how important it is to build financial confidence for each of us. Saving with PPK is an investment in your future that can benefit you for a long time.


We strive to ensure the comfort and safety of our employees, while maintaining the high quality of the work we do. Working remotely in our company is not only a benefit in emergency situations, but also demonstrates our commitment to creating a supportive and adaptive work environment. We value the individual needs of our employees, and enabling remote work is a natural step for us to support work-life balance.